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Poetry and Flash Fiction Competition – Judges’ Report: Poetry On reading the entries to the poetry competition, three have stayed with me especially. All three are honest and insightful and have a fresh, contemporary feel to them. In terms of the winning entry ‘Remembering a Friend” it is often difficult to write about loss without […]

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WINNER Remembering A Friend   Trapped inside a diary, Within a photograph, Every time you look at me we walk along the same old path, You could never understand the words I never said, Your face becomes a memory locked deep inside my head, There is no you, you’ll understand, No way to gain back […]

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Pegasus has been recommended by ‘cool places’ (recently the Daily Mail’s website of the week) as representing the very best of Britain. It’s a useful site where you can look at travel destinations to find the best places to eat, sleep, shop and have fun in the UK. We’re quietly pleased. Whoop! Thanks Cool Places

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[View the story “Mesh – Oxford Youth Arts International Grand Debate 2012” on Storify]

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Chaired by Nick Peters alongside a panel of esteemed colleagues, Sunday saw the MESH grand debate take place at the North Wall; a rather interesting affair as it turned out. The sudden rise in temperature was well matched by the heat of the discussion into the sensitive issues of “Human Rights and Young People’s Mental […]

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With only two days left it’s your last chance to enter the competitions!!! Mesh Best Bum (Euton in lead!) – Poetry and Flash Fiction – get your entries into the Mesh Monitor by 12.00pm TODAY!!! Add to the Mesh Story in the cafe corridor (add your own lines and make it fun!) Happy Meshing!

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On Saturday 21, the scriptwriting workshop tried updating the myth of Demeter and Persephone…when Hades, god of the underworld, snatches young Persephone and takes her down with him to his underground kingdom, her mother, Demeter is frozen with grief and the world starts to die. Here are some of the group’s ideas for beginnings of […]

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Reviewed by Gabrielle Mowat Powerful, intense.  Annet Henneman’s storytelling skills and the strong performances of Ali Kareem and Mahmoud AlBalawi are used to portray life in Baghdad today through the voices of the people who live there.  Baghdad, once the primary university city of the Middle East, shows the effects of war; the normalising of […]

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 | Posted in Blog, Mesh | 1 Comment »

Blood, foul language and technical difficulties galore; the screening of Hot Fuzz in the theatre had it all! Following a theme from last year (where Shaun of the Dead, featuring the same actors was shown), the MESH planning committee – of which I am a part – selected three films for MESH participants to choose […]

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The Writing Group at Mesh are producing a daily newspaper throughout their time in Oxford. Features about all the activities they are involved in as well as reviews of the shows plus pictures and cartoons give a real sense of the amazing buzz during the 10 days of the international season. Click on the links […]

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