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In March 2016 we toured a new professional production ‘Under my Skin’ to 27 schools across Oxfordshire. The play was commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council and produced by Pegasus and formed part of a public health initiative aiming to raise awareness of self-harm. Self-harm is thought to affect over 1 in 10 teenagers in the UK, and […]

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Pegasus Youth Theatre Company and Members’ Committee Member Sarah James recently spent a week having work experience at Pegasus and created this Prezi about young people and what they do at Pegasus.  

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Q&A with Carlota Gavino of Grumelot performing #sobrejulieta Tell us about your show? #sobrejulieta is a solo longing to be a dialogue, aiming to be an encounter with the audience, based on Romeo and Juliet. Carlota plays Juliet and falls in love with the audience every night. It’s a sort of scientific experiment that tries […]

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Q&A with Darragh McLoughlin of Squarehead Productions performing The Whistle Tell us about your show? The Whistle concept asks the audience to open and close their eyes at the sound of a whistle. This allows me to create a live cut effect such as in cinema or comic-books. From there I have the freedom to create […]

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Q&A with Best of BE artist Marco Chenevier of TiDA performing Quintetto Tell us about your show? This show is a game, a game that tries to give form to a question. What if the show itself, seen as a simple productive system, such as work in itself, is precisely “cut”? Cut four scores of […]

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Q&A with BE FESTIVAL directors, Isla Aguilar and Miguel Oyarzun What’s the process of selecting shows for Best of BE, what do you look for? BEST of BE features three different companies from three different countries which perfectly embodies the spirit of the festival from the previous year. Often they are the shows that win […]

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A new play tackling the issues of self-harm will tour Oxfordshire secondary schools this spring. The play, commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council and produced by Pegasus, aims to increase awareness of self-harm and help people access the right support. The professional production ‘Under My Skin’, scripted by playwright Ali Taylor and directed by Pegasus artistic […]

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The proposal by Oxfordshire County Council to cut its entire culture budget by 2018 has been met with opposition by residents and received front page coverage by national press. Of the 95 savings options identified by Oxfordshire County Council, the complete halt to funding of arts organisations (including Pegasus) was by far the most frequently […]

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 A Christmas Carol, originally written by Charles Dickens and adapted by Neil Bartlett, was performed at Pegasus Theatre as the Christmas show.  It tells the story of a “grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner” of a man called Scrooge. Scrooge receives a chilling visitation from the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley. Marley informs […]

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Thursday 3rd December Hello! We have reached the end of our technical rehearsal period, and open ‘A Christmas Carol’ tomorrow! Our team have worked tirelessly this week to make sure everything is in place for our first performance. It is important that the cast and crew have technical rehearsals, to ensure that the lighting and […]

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