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 A Christmas Carol, originally written by Charles Dickens and adapted by Neil Bartlett, was performed at Pegasus Theatre as the Christmas show.  It tells the story of a “grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner” of a man called Scrooge. Scrooge receives a chilling visitation from the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley. Marley informs […]

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The Hurricane Boy is a phenomenal play. The play is about a boy that lives on his own in a little wooden house made of all the junk that he has found floating past in the storm. There is a boy who lives on his own, he made his little shed like house using mostly […]

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With a mysteriously lit, smoke filled stage, Nick Makoha’s My Father and Other Superheroes was dramatic from start to finish. In the hour long performance, Nick tells us the story of his childhood; a period of time in which he felt abandoned by his father, leaving him to find his own paternal figures… Superheroes. Throughout […]

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Written by Emeatz Hussain, Blood is a 21st century urban love story. Emeatz’s previous play, also with Tamasha Theatre Company, shares the common theme of complex interior conflict within a Pakistani family; old fashioned ways of life conflict with new ideals of equality and freedom.     When Canez meets Sully over a Nandos she […]

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The Bucket Club’s new show, Lorrain and Alan, is a fantastic piece about a seal tour guide named Alan, who sees a person among the seals. So what he does is he rushes in to save her and finds her naked, but there is an odd coat next to her. He takes her back to […]

Monday, April 13th, 2015 | Posted in Reviews | No Comments »

Based on the Selkie myth, a legend of women who can transform between human and seal bodies, the Bucket club presents the wonderful tale of Lorraine and Alan. Bucket club is a theatre company based in the South and associated with Farnham Maltings. Their interests are to recreate fantastic stories in theatrical form. Bucket Club’s […]

Monday, April 13th, 2015 | Posted in Reviews | No Comments »

Lorraine and Alan is a funny and modern version of the selkie myth. Using a set made entirely from plastic bottles and mixing in some inventive sound effects, Bucket Club create a short evening of enjoyable drama. It tells the story of  a 23 year old marine biology graduate who still lives with his parents […]

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Travelling Light’s new show, Sammy and the Snow Leopard, is about a 9-year-old boy named Sammy who loves animals. The only problem is, Sammy’s mum won’t allow a pet in the house, she says they are too expensive and their house is too small. But then Sammy’s best friend tells him about an advert he […]

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The Power Within The Power Within is a dance piece about women activists throughout history. The stories of Harriet Tubman, Emmeline Pankhurst and Malala Yousafzai are explored through dance, music and presentation slides of images and quotes. The whole performance runs so smoothly I felt totally engrossed in the piece. The music, that runs throughout […]

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 | Posted in Reviews | No Comments »

Warzone With all his family problems and conflict raging around him, Joe-Cosmo Tuller lashes out rashly, triggering unpredictable and strange visions of a boy, Freddie, much the same as him who has gone to join the army. Only as Joe discovers Freddie’s story does he realise the full extent of what happens to other soldiers […]

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