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Hurricane Boy Review by Ines Cabrita De Jesus

The Hurricane Boy is a phenomenal play. The play is about a boy that lives on his own in a little wooden house made of all the junk that he has found floating past in the storm.

There is a boy who lives on his own, he made his little shed like house using mostly wood (it is what he mostly find in the hurricane). This boy is not like other boys. He doesn’t make a fuss when waking up, instead he get up without hesitating and starts to repair any damages the hurricane might have made the night before. One day a girl comes along and………..

The set looks a bit like a den, it has stuff (flower pots, watering cans etc.) all along the sides of the stage. There are random strips of wood hanging from the ceiling just to give it that finished den look. As amazing as that is, this stage can also turn into a meadow. At the far end of the stage there are two planks of wood, they are around a meter apart. At the back of one of these planks is a blanket (the field) and the way it works is that you pull it out and attach it to the other plank of wood. There are also extra props like the ladder, stool and boxes.

The age recommendation of this play is 5+. I do agree with this however there were younger members of the audience. Most of the children were quiet but some children were a bit noisy therefore that was a bit distracting. There was a lot of different ages in the show. There were toddlers and elders (and of course people in-between). The ambience of the theatre was very peaceful and quiet (at most times). The actors were very funny and much focused on what scene they should be doing (as in when babies were crying they carried on acting and didn’t lose track of what they were doing).

The director and writer of this amazing play is called Ellen Havard. Alongside her are Caro Mackay and Nick Chesterfield (all 3 of them were producers), Rebecca Lee (designer) and the actors Matt Mulligan and Beth Caudle. Both of these actors are amazing. Last but not least Edward Wren. He was the musician of the show. One of the reasons this show is amazing is that Edward went on the stage with Matt and Beth.

In the play, Beth (girl) is wearing a yellow dress. I think that the yellow dress is the symbol of happiness and that Matt (boy) is only imagining the girl. I think Beth’s role in the play is to show that you are never alone, there will always be someone for you no matter where you are. Even if the person isn’t physically there they will always be in your heart.

Overall the play was extraordinary, touching and funny.

P.S. Be warned, extremely good gymnastics involved (cartwheels and flips).

By Ines Cabrita De Jesus, Pegasus Young Reviewer

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