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Meet Best of BE FESTIVAL artist Marco Chenevier

Q&A with Best of BE artist Marco Chenevier of TiDA performing Quintetto


Tell us about your show?

This show is a game, a game that tries to give form to a question.

What if the show itself, seen as a simple productive system, such as work in itself, is precisely “cut”? Cut four scores of the quintet, cut the technique, cut every frill. Just like an engineer left alone in a large car production plant, with a few projects on autocad, no workers, equipment or machinery on site, only him and his projects.

But I also suggest, in this case, a sort of possible answer…

What was the inspiration behind it?


And the last 30 years of choices of the Italian Ministry of Cultural, Heritage and Tourism.

What’s particularly special about your show?

It’s honest. And it can’t be otherwise.

It requires the audience to be more than just spectators, are they always eager to be involved?  Any particular anecdotes from previous performances?

Yes it does. In fact, this show really can’t be done without the audience. It is a job that we have to figure out together.

Once, near Naples, in a big theatre full of people, no one wanted to participate. The audience was mainly composed by elderly people. After a moment of embarassment, some children came on the stage. The future of an old country was saving the present. I was so happy…

What three words would you use to describe your show?

Surprising, funny, tiring.

Has theatre always been something you have wanted to do?

Yes. Unfortunately for my family.

What are you looking forward to most about the Best of BE tour?

New meetings, new opportunities, new inspirations for the next works!

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

Than Isaac Alvarez: my theatre teacher. Diana Damiani: my first dance teacher. Juha Marsalo: a great dancer.

Have you had a stand-out moment in your career to date?

I don’t think I’m pursuing that kind of a career and I’m really not looking for stand-out moments. And if you are talking  about the luck… it’s such a complicated theme. Such a political theme…

Has your background always been in dance?

I started studying theatre  at the International Academy of Theatre, School of Acting in Rome “Circo a Vapore” (mold J. Lecoq).I never thought about being a dancer: I just wanted to do theatre. Than I got to know contemporary dance, through the meeting with Annapaola Bacalov and Diana Damiani, and I suddenly understood that dance wasn’t just ballet. I learned to breathe, to walk, I learned that I had a skin. And then with Isaac Alvarez I learned that there was no difference between theatre and dance. There was just a magnificent heritage of techniques that I could learn.

One of the hardest things in this job is…

The addiction

The thing I love most about theatre is…

The freedom

The Best of BE FESTIVAL is on Thursday 21 April.

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