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My Father And Other Superheroes Review by Lizzie Bell

With a mysteriously lit, smoke filled stage, Nick Makoha’s My Father and Other Superheroes was dramatic from start to finish. In the hour long performance, Nick tells us the story of his childhood; a period of time in which he felt abandoned by his father, leaving him to find his own paternal figures… Superheroes.

Throughout the show, the audience accompanies a young Nick on his journey between living with his mum, living at a boarding school in Kenya, and living with his dad in Saudi Arabia, all the time looking to heroes like The Incredible Hulk, Luke Skywalker and Superman, who teach Nick different lessons in different ways.

Although the title perhaps suggests a more engaging performance for a younger audience, I did find that the play seemed quite mature, and dealt with issues that people would find difficult to relate to if they’d not experienced similar things themselves. It was almost as if it became too personal to the performer, and isolated itself from being accessible to a wider audience.

This being said, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and Nick Makoha brought his story to life brilliantly, touching briefly on what it means to experience both joy and isolation as a child, and exploring the importance of imagination when all else fails.

All in all the play was very thought provoking, and left the audience with a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence as we left the theatre, but most of all, it made everyone ask themselves the same question: Who is my hero?


Lizzie Bell, Pegasus Young Reviewer

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