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Review of Lorraine and Alan by Charlie Martin

The Bucket Club’s new show, Lorrain and Alan, is a fantastic piece about a seal tour guide named Alan, who sees a person among the seals. So what he does is he rushes in to save her and finds her naked, but there is an odd coat next to her. He takes her back to the house and gives her some clothes to wear. But when he asks her what her name is, she points at the TV presenter, who’s name was Lorraine Kelly.



I mainly think that this show is aimed at around 12+. What stands out the most is the clever use of props. They use several hundred plastic bottles, all layed out on the stage in different ways. This show is funny, but a bit sad at the end. This show achieves the goal to make people laugh.

Overall I think Lorrain and Alan is great, funny and sad. I loved the acting, and how you could see the sound effects people on stage. But what I think can be improved is the costumes, and maybe another person or two acting on stage, so you can see what is going on more easily. But I would definitely recommend this show for people who love having a good laugh, and like to be a bit happy and a bit sad.


By Charlie Martin, Pegasus Young Reviewer.

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