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Review of Lorraine and Alan by Luca Sangriogio

Based on the Selkie myth, a legend of women who can transform between human and seal bodies, the Bucket club presents the wonderful tale of Lorraine and Alan. Bucket club is a theatre company based in the South and associated with Farnham Maltings. Their interests are to recreate fantastic stories in theatrical form.

Bucket Club’s latest play, Lorraine and Alan, is a hilarious yet sad and emotional story in which Alan, whilst on one of his seal tours, finds and rescues a young woman lying among a pod of seals. It is a tale of love told with sound narrators, who use microphones and singing to create live music, and it is a one-of-a-kind. The great use of props combined with exciting storytelling keeps you on your seat as the tension builds and floats away while the enormous amount of plastic bottles are used in nearly every moment of the play, to either act as characters or other props.


In my opinion, Lorraine and Alan is a masterpiece performed with great confidence and skill. The emotions in the play dig deep into your heart and stay lodged there until the play is over. The actors are sometimes the characters and sometimes the narrators but always play their part with a lovely passion.

This play will have you laughing until your sides ache but the love and the emotion will make you want to weep forever. It is a powerful combination and one that works together brilliantly to produce an absolute wonder. This play is a creative and imaginative tale and one that is great to watch.


By Luca Sangriogio, Pegasus Young Reviewer.

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