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Review of Warzone and The Power Within by Martha Moshi


With all his family problems and conflict raging around him, Joe-Cosmo Tuller lashes out rashly, triggering unpredictable and strange visions of a boy, Freddie, much the same as him who has gone to join the army. Only as Joe discovers Freddie’s story does he realise the full extent of what happens to other soldiers and the appalling conditions they are put through.

The performance reflects on how we tend to gloss over our history, failing to recognise the human element of what people went through at the time, how appalling the occurrences were for them and how it would tear up thousands of families and communities. This play is a cruel dose of reality, with the images and feelings there on stage for us to experience first-hand. The use of some comic relief reduces the impact but we are quickly drawn back into the suffering as another period of darkness is revealed. This lessens the blow of the stark reality of wartime life for the audience.

The Power Within

This stunning performance centred on strong influential women who stood up and fought for their rights when they were oppressed. Helping others selflessly, they found a way for their dream to become reality, changing the way they lived as well as the generations after them, who didn’t have to suffer the same way to be treated fairly.

This interpretive dance is thought provoking and full of grace. It symbolised the elegance but also the raw grit and resilience of a woman; soft, flowing sequences would leap into wild and passionate parts. The music accentuated their movements, emphasising the meaning just below the surface while the illustrative visuals made the meaning clear for the audience, allowing a greater structure to the work which freed the audience to focus more on the dance.

Martha Moshi, Pegasus young reviewers.

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